The world's lightest yet most powerful JS TypeWriter

by Edern Clemente.

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The original typing experience. Without the noise.

Microscopic weight. Tremendous versatility.

worth of marvellous features.

lighter than its competitors.

How to use it?

//Place the .js file in your folder and import it after the body tag

<script src ="path/typelighter.min.js"></script>

//You can also use the CDN version :

<script src ="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/typelighterjs/typelighter.min.js"></script>

//Add a new typewriter

<span class="typeWriter" data-text='["foo"]'></span>

In order to install TypeLighter.js, you just have to import it using a script tag. Once done, use the typeWriter class to create new dynamically animated elements. The CSS is automatically injected in the DOM for convenience, though you could also paste it in your CSS file.


With this plugin, eight properties allow you to fine-tune the experience you want to share with your users. Most of them are predefined, but you can change their values using the data attribute.

//Set properties with the data tag to tailor your effect

<p>Deeply <span class="typeWriter" data-max="1.5" data-text='["satisfying.","customizable."]'</span></p>

//Disable random writing

<p>Deeply <span class="typeWriter" data-random="false" data-text='["satisfying."]'></span></p>

Properties list

Property Default value Use
data-text Null The array holding the strings to be written one after the other.
data-speed 1 The writing speed is proportionnal to this integer.
data-start 500 (ms) A delay before writing the next string.
data-end 2000 (ms) A delay before deleting the current string.
data-random True When enabled, the TypeWriter waits for a random time before writing or deleting the next character.
data-max Infinity The maximum number of full iterations before the TypeWriter stops itself.
data-dltSpeed True When enabled, a given string is deleted twice as fast as it is written.
data-checkVisible False When enabled, the animation begins right when the element appears in the viewport.

Take a stride into the world of dynamic and appealing web design. You can be sure that you will never even think of looking back.

Free download