Learn About The Dominating Cricket Teams In The World

top 3 cricket teams in the world

Cricket is an all-rounder sport and a significant part of many countries’ sports traditions and culture. The game has since grown to such heights that it has become popular globally, with participants from almost every country in the world playing it.

As a result, it’s been called the most popular game on earth. Cricket is a sport that is played between two teams. There’s the fielding team on one side, and on the other, there’s the batting team.

Each of these teams has 11 players who take turns to bat and field. Each game begins with a coin toss, which decides who will begin by batting first or fielding first.

Many people love to watch cricket support their favorite team, and cheer for their team whenever they play on the field.

The mass of cricketing fans and appreciators is quite vast, but still, many cricketing fans are unaware of exactly how many cricketing teams are there in the world. If you are one of them, do not worry; here you know exactly how many cricket teams in the world and which team was is dominating.

Cricket Playing Nation

Cricket is a sport known as the gentleman’s game, played in an enclosed grass field. It was originally developed in England and is considered by many to be the most exciting sport to play since it relies heavily on precision timing and fielding skills–both physically demanding activities.

Cricket’s international governing body is the International Cricket Council (ICC). To participate in the ICC playing circuit, cricket players must be 18 years old or older, but that is not true now in cricket, which players have good talent and skills who play at any age.

Many nations play cricket and are also very popular in their nation. The international cricket council currently has 106 member nations who play cricket, and they have their cricket teams.

Still, test cricket is one of the formats of cricket sport that is played internationally by 12 teams, including India, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand. All other 94nations are associated members of ICC.  

Three Dominating International Cricket Teams

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Cricket is one of the most well-known sports globally, but ruling world cricket has been a lifelong pursuit for many international cricket teams. International cricket teams are some of the most elite athletes globally and require immense amounts of training, skill, and mental strength to reach their full potential.

For dominating in world cricket, every team player is required to develop some skills that help win the game for their teams.

Some teams who dominate world cricket have such players who give their 100% on the field; that’s why their team wins almost every match. The top three international cricket teams have dominated world cricket for years.

  1. West Indies. Before the immense popularity of cricket sport worldwide, the West Indies cricket team dominated world cricket in the 70s and 80s. West Indies cricket team was the first international one who lifted the first world cup by 17 runs against the mighty Australian team in 1975. After four years, they again won the world cup by defeating England with a margin of 92 runs. Won two world cups in a row shows that they dominated world cricket in the 70s and 80s.   
  2. Australia. Australia is world-famous for its bowling attacks and batting lineup. Their consistent strength in almost every match scenario has been a significant factor in the success that they’ve had. In addition, the Aussie players are well known for their flashy actions, ability to play extraordinary shots, and showmanship on the field. Australia has won more than 100 test matches since 1987, which shows its dominance in world cricket. And also Australian cricket team is the only international cricket team that has won three consecutive world cups. By their performance, they ruled world cricket in the early 2000s.
Australian national cricket team one of the best in the world
  1. India. India won their first world cup in 1983 by defeating one of the strongest teams at that time, the west indies, by 43 runs and broke the winning streak of the west indies team. But in the 2007s, India started dominating in world cricket, and in the 2007s, they won their first-ever T20 world cup under MS Dhoni captaincy by defeating Pakistan in the final match. After that, in 2011, they won the ODI world cup by defeating Sri Lanka by six wickets and won the champions trophy in 2013 by defeating England by five runs, which shows they are dominating world cricket with their performance.