Who is the best all-rounder in the world?

finding the best all-rounder in cricket

The world of cricket is nothing short of an exhilarating experience for every cricket fan. Whether you watch it in the stadium, or at home on your television or phone, you will feel the thrill of watching the exciting matches between your favorite teams.

The T20 format of cricket is very popular, resulting in a high number of viewers from all over the world. Domestic and overseas cricket is watched and loved by all cricket fans. The World Cup is a coveted cricket tournament and participating countries take great pride in winning the title.

But what makes a cricket team great? Is it just the batsmen hitting the much-needed runs or the bowlers who take the wickets to stop the opposition in its tracks and change the course of the match. While having a strong batting and bowling lineup is necessary for building a successful team, it’s the all-rounders that take the cake.

All-rounders are efficient and reliable in times of need. They contribute greatly to a team’s success and often prove to be pivotal. But not all-rounders prove to be of use. So, who is the best all-rounder in the world? 

Here are the best all-rounders in the three forms of cricket:

  • Best ODI all-rounder– Shakib Al Hasan: In the Bangladeshi cricket scene, Shakib Al Hasan comes second to none. His legacy is unmatched and he is the most popular cricketer in Bangladesh. He is credited with the success of Bangladesh’s national cricket team. Under his captaincy, the team reached new heights and became a strong contender. He made his first appearance in 2006 for Bangladesh and so far has scored more than 11,000 runs and taken 500 wickets for the team. He has played consistently well throughout his career and has also ranked 1st in all-rounder rankings in all three forms of cricket. He is considered one of the MVPs in cricket today.
  • Best Test all-rounder– Jason Holder: The Barbadian cricketer holds the 1st rank in ICC rankings for Test cricket. He has shown his skill set and talents playing in the West Indies Cricket Team. He has been consistent in his performance right from the beginning of his career. He started in 2010 with the U-19 world cup and continued showing his talent in domestic cricket. After a year of playing international cricket, he was tasked with the captaincy of the West Indies team. People had their reservations about Holder being the captain, but he proved his worth as an all-rounder. 
Best Test cricket all-rounder- Jason Holder
  • Best T20 all-rounder– Mohammad Nabi: The Afghan cricketer is a coveted all-rounder in cricket. He has played for many leagues and tournaments and performed well on both, batting and bowling fronts. His stellar T20 performance makes him a player demanded by many T20 franchises. He plays for Sunrisers Hyderabad in the Indian Premier League and is an important all-rounder for the team. No matter what his order is in the lineup, he proves himself to be a heavyweight and makes it easy for his team.