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Women cricket teams history and review

The very first matches weren’t always genteel affairs. On 13 July 1747, for instance, a match in Sussex between Charlton and Westdean, which was interrupted by a crowd, spilt into the following day at the Artillery Ground.

Several women’s matches were played between Sussex, Hampshire, and Surrey villages based on records available today. Oftentimes, these matches pitted single women against their married counterparts in front of large crowds and heavy betting. 

A barrel of ale and a pair of lace gloves were among the prizes. Ball’s Pond in Middlesex hosted Surrey’s first county match in 1811 against Hampshire. With a sponsorship of 1,000 guineas, two noblemen supported the game, which had a range of ages between 14 and 60

Underarm deliveries were originally used in cricket. Christians Wiles, sister of John Willes, was said to have invented round-arm bowling in the early 19th century to avoid becoming entangled in her skirts. In fact, Tom Walker invented the roundarm in the 1790s.

Nun Appleton in Yorkshire was the first place where women’s cricket clubs were founded; they were called White Heather Club. Original English Lady Cricketers, known as the Originals, toured England in 1890, playing exhibition matches in front of large crowds. Despite a great deal of success, the team’s manager stole the profits and the ladies disbanded. 

An 1890 article in Cricketers’ Annual by James Lillywhite features a picture of the team. “It is not as arduous as lawn tennis, nor is it as dangerous as skating or hunting; therefore, if the present campaign leads to more women playing cricket, it will be considered a success.”

1926 marked the founding of the Women’s Cricket Association. As a result, England was invited to take part in the first-ever women’s international tour to Australia from 1934–5, and it played the first-ever Women’s Test match in December 1934 against Australia.

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Both matches were won, and one was drawn. On their way to New Zealand, England travelled to Christchurch where Betty Snowball made 189 in the first Test.

In each ODI match between two teams, the women’s ODI team rankings will be updated. The Times of Sports’ top ten ranking for women’s ODI teams is as follows:

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ICC Team Rankings are based on ratings developed by David Kendrix for men’s and women’s teams across Test, One-Day International, and Twenty20 International formats.