Highest score in the history of IPL

Indian Premier League is the most awaited sports event in India

The Indian Premier League is the most awaited sports event in India. The youths and people of other ages have a huge craze for the IPL season. This tournament has given a platform to many young players. And also it helped them to set a record of their career. From the start of the IPL, there were many records made and broken. There were many records made of highest and lowest scores. 

History of the IPL tournament

IPL is a tournament where many teams participate

IPL is a tournament where many teams participate and compete with each other. Each team has players from all the countries, they play together in a team and it is a game where all the players enjoy themselves together. 

On April 23, 2013, the highest score of the Indian Premier League was set in Bengaluru

The highest score made in the history of the IPL was not created long ago, it was created in 2013 only by a known and very famous team which was Royal Challengers Bangalore, this was the team and this team was playing against Pune. The score which has become the highest score in IPL history is 263/5 and till now no one else has competed for this score. 

In that match, Chris Gayle was the player of the match who gave a score of 175 runs from 66 runs. In the same match, AB De Villiers has also given an appreciable match by scoring 36 runs in just 8 balls. However, RCB hasn’t won any match of IPL till now but they made their name in history by scoring the highest score in the IPL match. 

On that day of the match, the ballers of the Pune were left helpless and they couldn’t understand how to answer for the batsman of the opponent team and they also lost hope of winning the match. 

This match is not only the highest-scoring match in the IPL match but it is also the second highest-scored match in a T20 match. You can also say that on that day all the players of the RCB were playing there this was the reason why the team scored the highest run in the history of the IPL. 

If we talk about the second-highest run then it was also made by RCB only but it was scored against Gujarat. RCB was able to score both first and second position in IPL for scoring the highest score in the IPL. 

In this article, you will get to read about the highest score in the Indian Premier League history. There are a lot of teams participating in the IPL season. Royal Challengers Bangalore has not yet won any of the IPL seasons but still is the highest-scoring team in the IPL history. Here you will get to know about the matches played by the team and how they have scored the highest in the whole IPL seasons of the history that have been played till now.